The Rising Of The Shield Hero – Ep. 11 review


Other names: Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Ep. 11

Another episode of Shield Hero, and we find out yet more about the world, characters and abilities that Naofumi possesses.

In this episode, we see the trio facing the third wave. Turns out this wave is more serious than others, with large fish like monsters that even all four heros and their parties struggle to defeat. However, a new, much stronger, enemy is introduced at the end of the anime.


Once again, the story in this episode was interesting, but nothing amazing. It was interesting to see Naofumis’ dynamic with the other three heros, and it’s clear that the bond between Naofumi and Raphtalia is growing. However, other than a battle, not much happens.

We do find out that the old lady that Naofumi saved with his medicine is in fact very good at martial arts, who therefore defends the village, freeing Naofumi to go carry the other three heros. Nothing amazing, butt it did keep me engaged (I have a bad habit of pausing shows to go on Reddit and Github if they aren’t too engaging).


Very strong in this episode. There were some really nice CGI bits that fitted in brilliantly, not like in Berserk 2016 (sorry to make you need to bleach your mind again). Just a note, I did find that Raphtalias face looked a bit odd this episode and last episode, but maybe that’s just me.

The animation of Shield Hero certainly impresses me. I am pretty oblivious to animation – I didn’t mind Berserk 2016 too much, apart from some areas, so choose whether to believe what I say.


A decent episode, but nothing that blew me away. It was interesting to see how Naofumi had evolved, and meet the other heros again. As always with Shield Hero, the sound was high quality, and so was the animation which makes it a pleasure to watch. I do look forward to the next episode with the cliffhanger we were left on.

I am still enjoying Shield Hero, and it’s nice to have something to look forward to every Wednesday.


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