The Rising Of The Shield Hero – Ep. 7 review


Another Wednesday, another episode of Shield Hero. For those who want to find out more about what has already happened, be sure to check out my review of episodes 1 to 5 here, and my episode 6 review here.

The trio adventures to a town overrun by weeds, and defeats the monster in order to save the town. Once again, the rivalry between Raphtalia and Filo continues, this time with them wanting to get items to gift to Naofumi in order to gain his favor. Raphtalia seems to believe that she is losing the race for Naofumis’ affection to Filo, despite the fact that he views them both as family. Anyway, she ventures out to get a gem from a birds nest, and finds that Filo is going there too to get its eggs, which are considered a delicacy. Both get destroyed by a beast, which unite them together in order to defeat it. They sell this to the town folk, which in turn allows them to buy an item that Naofumi likes.

That’s a quick summary of the episode, and once again, it felt like a filler, like episode 6. However, it does evolve the characters and show that Raphtalia and Filo are intent on Naofumi despite his views.

This episode went further into the affection that Filo and Raphtalia have, focusing on the developing rivalry between the two, and showing that they were both serious in their pursuit of Naofumi. In addition to this, there were some… interesting moments with Raphtalia, where she imagined kissing Naofumi. These were a little odd, but hey, it’s anime.

In addition to this, Filo says that she wants to take Naofumi as her mate, which is pretty weird allall things considered. However, after looking at the light novel it appears to be mistranslation. She actually says this:

“If I bring that delicious and rare food to Mr. Naofumi, he’ll pat me on the head and tell me that I’m his favorite”

Which is a relief, as it shows that the bond between the two is still like father and daughter.

A good episode, but felt like a filler. I look forward to more episodes like 1 to 5 which advanced the story line a little more.

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